Pergola Designs

At Excelfit, we have an outstanding reputation for innovation when it comes to designs for pergolas. Indeed, we have all the expertise and resources to expertly design a wide range of pergola designs to suit all styles and budgets.

We draw upon 20 years of experience in coming up with bespoke pergola designs that do wonders to enhance the outdoor areas of a home. Our professional designers will consult with you to find out what your wishes are as well the size and location of your property to ensure a pergola design that fits your needs to a T.

Once a pergola design is agreed upon, you can rest assured it will be constructed using the highest quality materials and to expert craftsmanship standard.

If you need help in deciding what is best for your home, we have a huge portfolio of pergola designs that you can peruse to help you make the correct decision.

For flexibility and customer choice, we can design and build steel as well timber pergolas.

Steel Pergola Designs

Excelfit can design steel pergolas that are ideal for those who want to benefit from the structural integrity and durability afforded by steel while still having the basic features of timber.

A steel design pergola eschews all the shortcomings of timber such as rotting, warping and the need for painting.

Our steel pergola designs are also able to accommodate a Shade Blade, which protects you from the sun while allowing air to flow freely through the structure. In the colder months, the unique design of the blades enables the warmth of the winter sun to filter through. Each blade also provides protection from light rain thanks to gutters on each blade.

Timber Pergola Designs

While steel pergolas are more durable, many people still prefer timber pergola designs for their unmistakable traditional charm. Just like their steel counterparts, our timber pergola design can incorporate the Shade Blade cover.

For the best designs for pergolas in Sydney, there are none better than those from Excelfit. But don’t just take our word for it. Feel free to contact us for satisfied customer testimonials or head over to our Galleries page to see the beautiful pergola designs that we are capable of producing.