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What Are the Advantages of Adding Pergola for Outdoor Use?

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor space, you can take many different directions. The possibilities are endless, from installing a new patio to planting a garden. However, a pergola is one addition that is sure to add both function and style to your space.

What Is a Pergola?

Pergolas are a type of garden structure typically consisting of four columns supporting an open lattice roof. A pergola is a structure that can add both form and function to your outdoor space. It can provide shade on a hot day, act as a frame for your favourite plants or serve as an attractive focal point.

But what are the advantages of adding a pergola to your outdoor space? Here are seven benefits of adding a pergola to your outdoor space:

  1. A Place for Entertaining: A pergola is a perfect spot for hosting backyard barbecues or summer soirees. Invite your friends and family over and enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors.
  1. Adds Shade: A pergola can provide much-needed relief from the harsh sun if you live in an area with hot summers. The open roof design allows sunlight to filter through while still providing shade.
  1. Increases Privacy: Pergolas can also be an effective way to increase privacy in your outdoor space. Attaching lattice panels to the roof can create an intimate setting shielded from view.
  1. Provides Support for Plants: Another advantage of pergolas is that they can provide support for climbing plants such as ivy or roses. This can add a touch of green to your space and help create a more natural look.
  1. Creates an Inviting Space: Thanks to their classic design, pergolas have a way of making any outdoor space feel more attractive and welcoming. Whether you use yours as a relaxation spot or an entertainment area, it will become a favourite place to gather family and friends.
  1. Adds Value to Your Home: In addition to all of the above, pergolas also have the potential to add value to your house should you ever decide to sell. Because they are such versatile structures, buyers will see their potential for them and be willing to pay more for your property.
  1. Protection From the Elements: Adding a pergola to your outdoor space can relieve the heat if you live in an area with long, hot summers. Pergolas also offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And, if you live in a room with severe weather conditions, a pergola can protect your deck or patio furniture when inclement weather hits.


As you can see, there are many advantages to adding pergolas to your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for privacy, protection from the elements or a place to entertain, a pergola can help turn your backyard into your oasis. Invest in a pergola today with help from a reliable contractor.

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