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3 Natural Elements Your Carport Can Protect Against

Nature is your car’s greatest nemesis. From rain to hail to dust—these things can hurt your vehicle one way or another. Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep your car shielded, like leaving it in the garage or under a roof. 

If these are not possible, one solution to protect your car from nature’s wrath is the carport shield. Thanks to its metal structure, you can shield your vehicle from damage. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive to install compared to building a garage. If you want to know more about what a carport can protect your car from, here they are:

1. Hail

Hail is ice that falls from the sky before it has a chance to melt into rain. If you’ve ever had a pebble hit your car, you know how much damage it can do. Imagine that damage a hundredfold, and you have hail. 

Metal carports are generally resistant to hail. They will take the beating, ensuring your car is free from dents and scratches that can ruin its aesthetics. 

Apart from hail, many other objects can damage your cars, such as dust, falling branches, and even gravel. These items can be blown around by the wind, which can chip away at your car’s paint, dent your body, or even break your glass. A carport can reduce the risk of such damage occurring, and while it does not eliminate the risk, something is always better than nothing.

2. UV Rays

Light, particularly from the sun, can harm your car. UV rays can cause your car’s paint job to fade away and even crack if exposed enough. Other parts of your vehicle are also at risk, such as the rubber on your tires and the seals on your door. They can all wear and dry out, leaving them prone to cracking.

Your car’s exterior is the only thing at risk of damage from UV rays. The heat can damage other things, like the leather inside your vehicle and even your car’s battery. Regardless, a carport shield can protect your vehicle from UV rays, ensuring your interior and exterior fixtures’ longevity.

3. Heavy Rain

While rain will not damage your car that much, leaving it under heavy rain for prolonged periods can cause water to seep into the vehicle. Moisture can lead to issues such as mould which can devastate your car’s interior. It can also allow bacteria to start growing, leaving your car a hazardous vehicle to be in.

A carport is vital if you do not have a garage or another fixture to protect it from moisture and the elements. It will direct rain away from your vehicle, keeping your car dry and ready for another drive.


A carport is an excellent solution for those who do not have a garage or roofed space for their parked cars. Carports are also generally inexpensive and easy to install, acting as an accessible solution to ensure vehicles are safe from the elements. Carports come in different designs, so be sure to check out each option thoroughly to ensure you work with the perfect one to protect your car.

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