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4 Winter Redecorating and Upgrade Ideas for your Patio

Autumn has arrived, and with it cooler weather and shorter days. This is actually the perfect time to make your outdoor space ready for cooler seasons. It’s a great reprieve from the months-long heat of summer and also a great time to do some insulation installation and other useful upgrades to your patio. Here are some great patio upgrade ideas you can try this autumn to get a dose of fresh, crisp air right before winter comes.

Insulated Roof

Keeping the temperature moderate in your outdoor living space isn’t as simple as you might expect. If you think an ordinary roof is enough to keep the heat or the cold from affecting your patio temperature, think again.

Installing thermal insulation on your roof will work wonders in managing the temperature for an outdoor space like your patio. Insulated roof panels are designed to keep the air down in your patio a little warmer and more comfortable. You don’t even have to spend as much on heating when the temperature starts to drop.

Weatherproof Furnishings

Despite the mild winters in Australia, it’s still a great idea to put some cosy pieces of furniture and other furnishings around your patio. What’s better is choosing weatherproof furniture pieces as an added protection. The good thing about this is you can use your furniture all year round!

Treated wood and synthetic wicker are excellent weatherproof materials you should look for when shopping around for furniture. All that’s left is putting some pillows, cushions, and seat covers made from breathable fabrics to complete that cosy and comfortable feel.

Winter-Friendly Plants

What patio would be complete without a little burst of colour from some plants? Get some winter-friendly plants and place them strategically around your patio to give an air of warmth. Some of the best plants that are inviting to look at and are best suited for the colder months are some colourful paper daisies and grevilleas. For the corners of your patio, a pot of Bird of Paradise is just perfect for a charming splash of bright colour and greenery.

Fire Pits

Winters in Australia can still get quite chilly as days grow short and nights are a bit longer. If you feel like gathering with your family and friends outside the patio, a fire pit would be the perfect companion to keep you warm at night.

Standing fire pits are a great option for patios as they are safe for whatever material your patio flooring made of. Make sure to use some fire pit pads and spark screens as an added protection. You don’t want to damage your patio every time you light a fire. Once you have a fire pit installed, you can now spend your nights huddled around a crackling fire enjoying the company of your loved ones.


Sprucing up your patio during autumn is the perfect opportunity to do some redecorating. If you want to make the most out of the cold winter months, then you better follow these tips to make your patio ready for winter.

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