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Better Outdoor Lighting: How to Illuminate Your Pergola

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of any outdoor experience. They’re not just functional but also very aesthetically pleasing. Just imagine how pretty it would look at night. When people are deciding the primary use of a pergola, they often focus on the furniture. 

They decide what’s the best table, chairs, couches, and so on. Often, they forget all about proper lighting until the last minute. But by then, everything else is locked in, so the lights will have to match the decor. 

A better way to go about things is to settle on what kind of outdoor lighting you want for your pergola. It’ll be much easier to find furniture that suits the vibe and overall atmosphere when you already know it looks like it with proper ambient lighting. 

Here are a few examples of how you can illuminate your pergola:

Pergola String Lights

String lights sometimes referred to as fairy lights, are a simple but enchanting way to light up your outdoor space. There’s a reason why they’re also called fairy lights. When you hang them up, and it lights up the darkness, it’s almost like hundreds of fairies just flying around your space. It adds a soft and warm glow to your outdoor space.

Another plus point for this type of lighting is that it’s straightforward to install. You could probably do it on your own or with a bit of help to make it faster. You just have to figure out how to spread it out on your pergola. There are several ways you can add them to your pergola. One way is to weave them through the rafters. You can also wrap them around the posts. 

Just be mindful that there is an easy and subtle way to connect them to a power source. String lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Since they’re so easy to put up and take down, it shouldn’t be a problem to replace them whenever you want. 

Outdoor Jar Lights

If you’ve got more than a few empty jars lying around, this is an excellent way to repurpose them and give them a second life. Whether it’s mason jars, pickle jars, or whatever else, it should work fine as long as they’re clean. This lighting technique is great if you’re going for a charming and rustic vibe. 

Make your outdoor space sparkle by insert battery operated lights into the jars. You can even mix in a few scented candles in there for the jars that are close to you. This doesn’t even require any setup or installation. All you have to do is scatter them around the outdoor space, and you’ve got yourself something that looks almost magical. 

As mentioned, you can use any jar for this method. Since they come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, you can play with them even more and get creative.

Natural Pergola Lights for Patios

Of course, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up and so on, you could always just make use of natural lighting. We don’t just mean the light from the moon, but other things like a fireplace, candles, and more. 

Not only will it light up the place, but it will also provide warmth during cold nights. There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting outside beside a gentle firelight. 

You only need to get a fireplace installed, and then you’re good to go. 


You don’t necessarily need to only stick to one method of illuminating your pergola. Just because you have a fireplace installed doesn’t mean you can’t also put up string lights. There are plenty of ways to illuminate your pergola. You could add light on the posts and rafters, install a chandelier, or even add perimeter lights. Whichever you choose will light up your outdoor space and make nights outside all the more special.

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