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Building a Carport: 5 Tips to Make It Theft-Deterrent!

Are you thinking of having a carport built? Indeed, it’s one of the best decisions you can ever make. A carport will keep your vehicle secure and safe when not in use. In addition to that, you don’t need to get yourself wet when it’s raining outside while you enter or exit your vehicle. 

There are many benefits to owning a carport, but it also has disadvantages if you don’t secure them well. Typically, carports are open-air structures, which makes them vulnerable to thieves. Here are ways to strengthen your carport security: 

Install Floodlights with Motion Sensors

Thieves avoid well-lit areas because they can be seen easily. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to ensure your carport is well-lit. The best lights to use are floodlights with motion sensors. 

This type of light can detect motion that will send a signal to the light. The light will “flood” the area with bright, blinding light. 

Install Security Cameras

There are different types of security cameras available today, and even better, you can find affordable options on the market. These cameras can stream data to a remote server, which means you can acquire the image of the thief. More so, you can monitor your carport when you’re inside the property or even when you’re miles away. 

Have Combination Padlocks

Make sure you have a combination padlock on your carport gate. Why? A thief can easily pick the simple padlocks. On the other hand, if a thief sees a strong padlock dangling from the gate, chances are, they won’t bother. 

So, when buying a padlock, get one from a reputable brand to guarantee its durability and security. It may be tempting to purchase from unknown brands because they’re cheaper, but you should avoid that as much as possible. 

Have the Carport Built Where You Can See it Easily

The location of the carport is vital. Having it built in an area where you can see it easily from inside your home is important. That way, you get to keep an eye on your car easily. This will also deter thieves when they see that the carport is within the house’s view. With that, they will hesitate to steal. 

Ensure the carport is within the line of sight of your house, the street, and even the other homes in your neighbourhood. 

Ensure Quality Building Materials

One of the things you need to ensure is a solid carport. You can achieve this by using solid building materials. Don’t wall your carport using thin metal sliding; otherwise, a thief can cut through it easily using sheet metal cutters or other tools. 

Instead, use metal sheeting, wood, or other sturdy materials that will prevent thieves from breaking through it. 


Your carport should deter thieves; therefore, follow these tips to ensure your vehicle is safe at all times. The construction of your carport plays a significant role. That’s why, before anything else, find a reliable contractor that can build a solid carport for you. 

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