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Types of Carport Designs Best Suited for Your Home

Carports are famous for their functionality and versatility in design. They allow homeowners to optimise their front outdoor space, giving their house a more dynamic look while protecting and prolonging their vehicle’s lifespan. These structures are also relatively easy to build, which is why there are so many designs available.

When you’re deciding on your carport design, you need to consider your budget and needs. Its primary function is to protect your vehicle from outside elements like the weather, animal droppings, or thieves. If your structure fails to do this, there’s no point in building one in the first place.

If you’re still struggling with the kind of design you should pick for your carport, here are some options that might suit your house well:

Flat Roof Carport

A flat roof design looks exactly as its name suggests. It’s a sturdy build and does the job of protecting your car perfectly. It’s also great if you want a boxier addition to your house’s overall look without breaking the bank. The design is one of the more affordable options in the carport designs available in Brisbane.

Free-Standing Carport

Homeowners who choose to have a free-standing carport do so because they want the structure separate from the main house. If your property has enough space for it and it fits into your budget, a free-standing design could be perfect for you too. If you own a large vehicle, this design will work nicely.

Gabled Roof Carport

A gabled roof design is one of the most popular options in Australia because it’s a distinct blend of traditional and modern styles. The roof is triangular with corners bent downwards, perfect when water comes down heavily during the rainy season. The design is complementary to most house structures too.

Pitched Roof Carport

A pitched roof design is excellent for adding more shelter farther out onto your driveway, and they’re fitting if your house has a more modern feel to it. It’s a clean structure and is pleasing to the eye. A pitched roof is an excellent way to maximise the space you have too.

Timber-Framed Carport

A timber-framed design is perfect if you’re not too worried about the aesthetic factor of a carport. This design is built from timber, so they’re a bit higher maintenance than the other designs. The natural wood requires regular maintenance to keep termite infestations and rotting away. On the bright side, it’s inexpensive to make, and it’s sturdy enough to do its job.


You can differentiate carport designs mainly by the styles of their roofs and the materials they’re made of, making them such versatile structures. Some roof styles look better with certain house styles than others. For example, a flat roof would go perfectly with a minimalist and modern house, while a gabled roof would go perfectly with a traditional-style home.

That being said, you can still mix and match these styles to what you think works best for your house. It also helps when you can consult with a professional designer and builder. Ensure you let them know your expectations for the structure and how you want it to look with your house. That way, you’ll be sure to get a result that you’ll love.

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