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Carport vs. Garage: Which Is the Ideal Option for Your Home?

Many residents in Brisbane have constructed carports to replace their garages without using a sledgehammer or making a mess. Most of these homeowners have added a carport because their garage was transformed into a living space or a bedroom, overflowing with storage, or simply too small for their needs. A carport, either in front of the garage or adjacent, is an excellent solution for this. Carports offer great protection for homeowners’ vehicles while also increasing the home’s value.  

If you want to learn about the differences between garages and carports in Brisbane to help you decide which one is best for you, keep on reading!

Carport vs. Garage 

Here are the factors to consider if you’re planning on building a structure that will help protect your vehicle but aren’t sure whether to install a carport or a garage:

1. Level of Construction Difficulty 

A carport takes much less time to construct than a garage. Of course, this will depend on how complicated your carport is and whether you add amenities like lights, a tiled roof, or a roller door, but in general, a carport entails a faster and easier construction.

2. Security 

While many people prefer a garage because of its extra security, a carport may also be made more secure. Fencing, screening, and even a roller door (remote-operated if desired) can help safeguard your vehicles and belongings.

3. Council Approval 

While Brisbane council laws vary, permission requirements for a carport are often less stringent than those for a garage. But before you begin the process for construction, make sure to coordinate with your contractor to ensure that all local regulations will be followed.

4. Price 

When it comes to cost, carports in Sunshine Coast prices are unquestionably less expensive than a garage.

5. Visual Appeal 

For many, a carport adds greater curb appeal than a garage. Of course, this depends on the design and construction quality.

If you prefer a garage, but your budget won’t allow it now, consider building a carport that you can convert into a garage later. 

6. Additional Space 

Due to the open aspect of its structure, a carport wins hands down if you want to utilise the area for occasional entertaining. For instance, carports can provide adequate cover for outdoor cooking if you intend to have a BBQ at your home. The carport’s specialised roofing material also provides shade, which efficiently reflects heat away from the structure. Other objects such as boxes, tools, and the likes can be stored in the space it provides, too. 

However, before you type “design and build contractors near me” on Google, remember that It’s not a pretty simple process. This option involves thorough planning to ensure it can be successfully done, but generally, a carport can be converted into a garage later. You’ll have to make sure to get help from a reliable professional. 


Keeping your car in your home might be difficult, especially if you don’t have the space for a garage. Do you need to park your car outside? Then you should consider getting a carport. They’re multi-functional and can protect your vehicle from a harsh environment while keeping it secure.

Excelfit is a Sunshine Coast-based design and construction firm that has been designing and constructing fully engineered awnings, carports, pergolas, glass and screen enclosures, sheds, and garages. Do you need carports in Brisbane? Contact us for a consultation! 

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