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Patio Rookies: 5 Common Errors for First-Time Patio Owners

A patio is an outdoor space behind a house, which is an extra space for homeowners to lounge on end as they please. It is a structure that can either be attached or detached to the house accompanied by a paved surface. One of its most common uses is easy to access between the indoor and outdoor kitchen or dining area.

Although it is a great idea to build a patio from scratch, the construction may bring forth various problems that would need resolution. Here are some common mistakes that first-time patio owners often make.

1. Incorrect Size Dimensions

A standard patio size can be anywhere between 5 to 30 square feet. However, the dimensions vary per household and can be much larger. It is crucial to know the exact dimensions of the lot to make sure you will not be creating a patio that is too big or too small for your available space.

People should be careful about how big their patios must be. The incorrect sizes may result in a lack of proper space in the backyard, affecting the garden’s flow. 

The general rule is that the patio should not be too big to affect the garden and not too small to the point that no outdoor furniture fits in it. Keep in mind that a patio should feel like a home’s extension.

2. Considering It an Indoor Space

Most people add a patio in their gardens to maximise the space and create a new room. Although patios extend your home, you should not treat or consider them as an indoor space.

A patio should never contain pieces of furniture meant for indoors. You can’t simply put an old sofa on a patio rather than buy a new set meant for outdoor use. Since they are exposed to environmental factors that may wear out the furniture’s physical attributes, it’s not recommended to place regular pieces of furniture outdoors.

3. Choosing to Go Minimalist

Although minimalism is an excellent design aesthetic, it is not suggested for patios or outdoor spaces, for that matter. There isn’t a specific rule that bans patios from having a minimalist aesthetic. However, minimalism may be more difficult to achieve in outdoor spaces as the area may look too bare or simple.

4. Unconscious Overcrowding

Patios can be overcrowded easily. Since people think it’s an outdoor space, the possibilities might be endless. But if you’d think about it, a patio is also an area that can only have too much.

Remember to keep it simple but not too minimal. For example, if you’re placing multiple pieces of furniture, make sure to choose the variants with the proper sizing and proportion for the patio. Although everyone’s motto is to go big or go home, the same line of thinking doesn’t apply to patio decorations. Instead, try to keep things at a minimum and enjoy the extra space you’ll get outdoors.

5. Drainage Mistakes

There shouldn’t be any issues concerning drainage if experts designed and constructed the patios. However, it will be best to observe how the water drains in the area where the structure stands. If there will be issues, it’s best to call the designers and contractors and ask for solutions.


A patio is an excellent addition to any home. It is a way to increase the property’s value and overall relevance in the market. However, if it’s only for personal aesthetic choices, it’s best to consult professionals who can guide you on making informed decisions to avoid committing common mistakes.

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