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What Are the Differences Between a Sunroof and a Moonroof

The roof is one of the most essential parts of your house. It protects you from the harsh elements of nature. We mustn’t take shortcuts when we install them if we are working on our sunroof installation.

The word sunroof may have made you wonder what the difference between a sunroof is and a moonroof. Both are technically roofing designs. Again, what makes the former distinct from the latter? Keep reading. 

What Is a Sunroof?

You might be swept by the call to be more conscious about your carbon emission. With this said, you might have considered renovating your home to make it more energy-efficient. You might even be in the process of contacting a contractor for a sunroof installation, thinking that such a design is energy efficient.

This roof design helps capture sunshine, so, yes, it is energy efficient. It is made of aluminium covered with a powder-coat finish. This roof can be opened and closed up to 90 degrees in 3 ways.

You can pull a rope connected to a turning wheel. The second option is a motorised system that uses a remote. If opened, the glass roofing model is a glass roof, enabling it to be at a particular angle or go up the roof. You can adjust the glass to allow enough air through the sunroof.

What Is a Moonroof?

Before you proceed with the sunroof installation project, you should get to know the moonroof. Both designs are not that different. It mainly boils down to the application.

Most homeowners with moonroofs install them to catch the moonlight. It is installed as a holder to pull the moonroof. Like the moonroof, it is also made of glass. Other than the precarious nature of its primary material, having a glass roof allows you and the entire household to see the beauty of the moon easily.

In a Design Perspective

Their design is one of the biggest distinctive features between them. The sunroof has a relatively more minor roofing design than the moonroof, but they may look the same at first glance.

What about Features

The next distinction between the two is the feature. It depends on how you can open the roof. The moonroof is a glass with numerous opening techniques. There are at least two ways to open a moonroof.

On the other hand, a sunroof is mainly created with aluminium materials. It can be opened manually and through remote control.

Let Us Talk about Installation

Both roofing designs will amplify your home’s aesthetic value. The primary purpose of installing either is to reflect the light from the sun or the moon. You can see through them. Installing either of them gives your house a fresher look because you get the light directly from the sun or the moon.


As mentioned earlier, installing either roof will improve your home’s classiness. It will also make your house more energy efficient because you are now harvesting the sunlight or the moonlight.

If you choose to proceed with your sunroof installation, reach out to Excelfit! We will be more than happy to do this for you, so call us now for an estimate!

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