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Glass Screen Enclosures or Screens for Your Porch: What to Choose

Do you have a porch at home and do not know what you should do with it? A patio is always great for additional living space. It can serve as a foyer where the family or guests spend time with each other. If you want to make the area more productive, consider enclosing your porch. 

Why Have an Enclosed Porch

Having an enclosed porch will give an organised area separate from the outside world. It also adds a little privacy and security to your living space. Your neighbours will not immediately see whatever it is you are doing on your porch. You would be free to do your morning yoga or meditation without being too conscious, and you can also leave products for airing out without worrying if someone else will take them. Moreover, adding an enclosure around your porch creates visual appeal, increasing your home value. 

If you think adding an enclosure is a good idea, you will need to make a few considerations—materials, in particular. Two of the common materials used for this purpose are glass or screen enclosures. Choosing between the two will depend on your preference for your space. This article will tell you about the advantages of using these materials. 

Glass vs Screen Enclosure: What Would Be the Best Material to Use for Your Home? 

Both the glass and screen enclosures have their strong points and also their downsides. Here are some of them:

Glass Enclosure

  • Glass makes your patio look more like a living space. 
  • It gives you a better view because of the transparent glass.
  • It can offer protection against weather, adverse temperatures, and bugs.
  • You can install air conditioners during hot months or a heating system for the cold months.
  • It can be costly because the required work is similar to creating a new room.
  • If the cost is a concern, you can purchase inexpensive glass materials, such as single-paned windows instead of double-paned.
  • It is best for year-round comfort.
  • It is energy- and cost-efficient.
  • The glass enclosure would be easy to maintain.
  • You can have a glass skylight for stargazing and natural lighting. 

Screen Enclosure

  • Screens are excellent for making you feel like you are outside with nature despite the barrier.
  • They let you enjoy the fresh air.
  • You can enjoy outdoor activities like BBQ without worrying about insects.
  • The mesh screens provide better privacy.
  • They can protect you against extreme weather conditions, such as heat, wind, and rain, but not against cold temperatures.
  • You could solve the temperature problems by bringing a portable space heater during cold days or an electric fan during warm days.
  • They can protect you against bugs, but not from dirt, dust, and grime.
  • They can easily be damaged.
  • They need regular maintenance but are more manageable and less expensive to replace. 
  • They are the most cost-effective option if you have no problems with the weather in your location.


Enjoying your time outdoors will be more comfortable if you decide to enclose your porch with glass or screens. The real answer to which of the two will best suit your home depends on your preference, needs, and budget. Consider all the points we’ve outlined here so you can make the best decision. 

If you want a bargained option, choosing a screened porch may be best for you, but if you want a living space you can enjoy any time of the year, a glass porch might be the better option.

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