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The Benefits of Having a Pergola in the Yard—Why You Need One

Pergolas are a wonderful thing to have in your yard. 

When the weather’s good and the breeze is finally setting in, there’s nothing better to do than to bring out a cold drink and sit in your yard while taking in the view, only accompanied by your stylish pergola. Indeed, pergolas can make your barren yard look like a luxurious resort. It gives off that certain mood of class and comfort that you can only expect to feel on holidays!

While it may seem like pergolas are only good for mere aesthetics, they also have other advantages too. They may not be obvious at first, but over time, they will be significant enough for you to experience! To give you a good idea why you need one, here are some of the benefits of having a pergola.

1. Pergolas partially provide shade

They may not provide full cover against sunlight and rain; however, they enable you to have a moment of relaxation during the afternoon and at night! The partial cover at noon would protect you from the full heat of the sun, while still giving you a view of the blue sky and glorious clouds. The same goes for quiet evenings, when you’re just sitting out in your yard while enjoying the night sky full of stars. You can even call over your partner to watch the romantic view with you!

2. Pergolas provide support for your plants

If you happen to place your pergola above your garden, then you’re giving your plants a wonderful combination of shade and sunlight. Vines are even enabled to ‘crawl’ towards the corners of your pergola, giving you that forest-like aesthetic in your yard. 

Be creative and plan out how your garden will be arranged below the pergola. Remember, placement is the key to this effort! You wouldn’t want your plants to get too much sunlight, in the same way that you wouldn’t want them to get too much shade. Experiment and figure out which would work best for you and your plants.

3. Pergolas provide more options to decorate your yard

The aligned beams on a pergola would serve as hovering supports for your decors in mind. Are you planning to hang a small plant, a mini chandelier, or an ensemble of colourful wind chimes in your yard? Then perhaps a pergola would serve you best during these times! 

The thing about pergolas is that they are very customisable. Even the materials used for the beams can be customised right from the start. Some examples of the most commonly used materials for pergolas are fibreglass, cedarwood, and vinyl. Let your construction firm know about your design ideas and watch those ideas turn into reality, especially as the colours would be based on your designs as well.


Pergolas are indeed the ‘dark horse’ of home decors. While they are often disregarded as pointless and a waste of time and money, they actually have many uses and advantages in the long run. You should try having one of these built in your yard—a simple structure that offers many possibilities for creative redecoration and a humble spot for relaxation.

If you’re planning to have a pergola of your own, then we at Excelfit are here to help you out! As experts in design and construction, we build on your vision and ideas and assist you in turning them into a reality. Our past experiences in building outdoor pergolas in the Sunshine Coast are a living testament to our skills and proficiency. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services!

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