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Why Is Metal Better for Your Patio Design Instead of Timber?

After months of planning, researching, and saving, the time to finally start your patio project and transform one of your home’s most unique spaces is here.

Admittedly, you can’t be possibly any more excited than you are now because of how much time you’ve spent dreaming about taking your new space up a notch and bringing enjoyment back to your porch. Considering that this is likely your first time, it can be pretty easy to get confused and not know how to approach the process of preparing for your patio project for the best results.

From determining how much you can set aside for the entire process to choosing the specialist that you can trust for your Sunshine Coast patio, there are many details you’ll wonder about along the way. As you wrap up your plans, there’s one question that you’re bound to ask yourself sooner or later: “Should I go for metal instead of timber for my patio design?”

Why metal is a better choice

For some years now, home improvement experts and patio builders have had an intense debate over choosing metal or timber for space’s design. In a discussion where there is one option being put over the other, thousands of homeowners looking into revamping their areas end up having no idea over which option they should choose. But here’s the thing: there are more critical reasons you should consider metal over timber for your patio design, and here are a few of them that especially stand out: 

1. They require less maintenance

Compared to timber patios, metal designs are a far more optimal choice to work with if you don’t have the time or skill to maintain your space regularly.

The main reason metal patios stand out as an easy, user-friendly option that anyone should invest in is that they require less maintenance since they’re much easier to clean. More people have been considering this material option because it doesn’t need to be constantly sanded or re-lacquered since it isn’t susceptible to mould contamination or termite infestation! 

Once you have your metal fixtures installed, all you’ll need to do is stock up on a pressure washer, sponge, and some warm, soapy water. 

2. They don’t mess around when it comes to longevity

Another reason even more people have been going for metal over timber is that metal lasts a whole lot longer.

If you’re looking to ensure that your space lasts long enough, where generations of your family members can enjoy them over time, then the option in question is the way to go. The metal itself is much sturdier than its timber counterparts because it doesn’t have the malleability or porousness of the material in question. This means that it’s rarely affected by anything except time and poor maintenance! 

3. They are flexible when it comes to style

Today, getting a metal patio done is almost always considered a no-brainer because of how much the material lends itself to creative approaches and all types of styles and designs.

For starters, these designs have a palette of choices to work with that are incredibly diverse because they’re much easier to paint with fixture-specific products since metal adheres to coatings better. On top of an unbelievably wide selection of colours, metal fixtures can be bent into different shapes that help further the visual appeal of a patio deck! 


Enjoying a new patio is a matter that is as confusing as it is exciting because of all the different factors you’ll need to tinker with from the moment you plan your project to putting the pieces together. In particular, choosing between metal and timber is a process that requires research because both options have their respective benefits. Yet, metal almost always proves to be the better choice for many reasons, such as those mentioned above!

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