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8 Fantastic Pergola Ideas You Should Definitely Try Out

If you are trying to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living, you should consider putting a pergola in your yard. Akin to an arbour, a pergola is a rectangular-shaped room with an open ceiling usually comprised of beams paired with concrete footings and posts.

That said, pergolas essentially add “rooms” to your yard, and if you want to make the most out of a pergola, here are some fantastic pergola ideas you can try:

1. Install a Fire Pit

Anywhere you see a pergola, you see a fireplace. Why? Adding a fire pit to a pergola makes it more practical and inviting. Instead of sitting on the pergola’s floor, you can enjoy the company of friends, family, and pets.

2. Plant Some Vines

Pergolas look fantastic with vines hanging from beams. Start with a few vines, and then, as the vines grow in size, you can also add more vines. As the vines grow, you can later use them to add some privacy to your pergola.

3. Add Some Seating

If you want to go more for a sitting area, you can use a pergola. Add some seating to the pergola, and you can now relax in your yard after a long day at work. You can even add some cushions to the seating during summer and lay down on it while enjoying the weather.

4. Tie a Swing

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a swing. You can simply install a swing and hang it from the top beam if you have a high pergola. The swing will provide a nice breeze during summertime, and it’s another great way to enjoy your pergola.

5. Install a Pergola Bench

A pergola bench is an ideal addition to a pergola. It can be installed quickly and easily, and it provides a place to sit down, rest your legs, and maybe even stretch them. A bench is also a good place for you to sit and perhaps even enjoy a nice afternoon nap.

6. Implement Extra Shades

If the sun is just too intense during summer, you can install shades on the pergola. This is an ideal addition if you attract guests who want to read or simply bask in the sun.

7. Install a Fridge

It can get rather hot during summer, so if you have a pergola, you can plug a small fridge in and allow guests to have their drinks served cold.

8. Set Up a Hammock

Having a hammock in your yard is relaxing. However, if you have a pergola, it is even more relaxing as you can install a hammock and then just swing and enjoy your surroundings.


As you can see, a pergola is an excellent addition to any yard. It makes the space more open, extends the amount of outdoor space you can utilise, and makes it more inviting and relaxing. If you can afford a pergola, you should consider putting one in your backyard. Also, do not forget to implement the ideas we’ve shared with you. They will only serve to help you enjoy your pergola even more!

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