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Why Get a Screen or Glass Enclosure in Your Outdoor Space?

A home with an outdoor space to help you relax and enjoy the beauty of nature is a dream of many. If you are lucky to have this opportunity at home, did you know that you can take it to the next level? 

Adding enclosures made from screen or glass can make this space more comfortable and enjoyable for homeowners. It is also a form of expansion that can provide you with many benefits later on. 

If you are curious about what kind of advantages a slight change in the property brings, here are some that you need to know: 

Benefits of Having a Screen or Glass Enclosure

Added Privacy

There are occasions when homeowners wish to stay by their front or backyard to spend some quality time by their lawn or garden while still enjoying a little privacy. But somehow, they could end up feeling like someone else watches them from afar because of how open their outdoors is. Enclosures can give you the privacy you need. With glass or screen enclosures in place, you can spend your time in your space however you want. 

Brings Added Value to Your Property

When you extend a room or make one from scratch and then enclose it with a screen or glass, you end up with another living space. That property addition is a home improvement project that can increase your house value by up to 5.3 per cent. Should you think of selling the property in the future, potential owners will find the new space usable, increasing its overall appeal.

Lets You Enjoy the Beauty of Outdoors Securely

Nothing beats staying outdoors, enjoying the beauty of your surroundings. However, not everyone could resist other elements like the heat from the sunrays, the rain, or some flying bugs. With a screen or glass enclosure for your space, you have a layer of protection against these distracting elements. You can finally enjoy the view in peace. 

Keeps the Space Safe for the Kids and Your Pets

Children and pets love to run and play around. As much as you want them to explore outdoors, you cannot keep an eye on them 24/7. Enclosures can help you manage this problem. Thanks to your screen or glass barricade, you can let them run and enjoy freedom while knowing that they are safe staying within the area. 

Gives You an Amazing Outdoor Dining Space

Eating outside is always a fun and romantic idea. However, thinking about how many bugs will join you for dinner can be frustrating sometimes. Good thing a romantic dinner is still possible, as long as you have glass or screen doors to protect the whole family. You can finally have some fun without the need to think about possible attacks of creepy crawlies. 


Having extra space in your home is already a potential investment on its own. Top it off with a durable and quality enclosure, and you get multiple times of this space’s advantage. If you prioritise any of the benefits mentioned above, securing a screen or glass enclosure would be a great decision to make. It does not entirely block your outdoor view, and it gives you additional reasons to enjoy your outdoor living space. 

If you are looking for glass screen enclosures, carports, or pergolas in the Sunshine Coast to safe-keep your extra living space, Excelfit can help. We can build your glass or screen enclosure in different styles with different wall panelling options. We can even add security or sliding doors if our clients request one. Contact us today to know more.

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