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Summer Tips: 6 Simple Ways to Stay Cool on Your Patio

Concrete patios are a magnificent addition to any yard or outdoor space and provide a platform that may be used for various activities and furniture layouts. It’s also an inexpensive way to expand your indoor space outdoors.

However, when the sun shines and the weather is warm, concrete patios may quickly become hot and uncomfortable to walk on, making it difficult to stay in the space or entertain guests. This patio ends up a wasted space, which should not be the case. 

Here are ways you can cool down your patio so that you can optimise its use even on a hot day: 

1. Install an Umbrella or a Pavilion to Provide Shade

Installing shade is an easy method to cool down a concrete patio. Large umbrellas and even expansive pavilions are popular options for concrete patios. Patio umbrellas can be part of a table set or stand-alone. You may adjust the umbrella to cover the area you walk over the most or bring it inside during bad weather or colder months.

2. Install a Rug on the Floor

Rugs are incredible for keeping your patio cool and providing a fantastic aesthetic. If you decide to put a carpet on your concrete patio, make sure it matches the rest of your outdoor space.

All-weather carpets are made to resist a wide range of temperatures and conditions. While this is true, you should still bring the rug inside if it starts raining and throughout the cooler months of the year when overheating is less of a concern.

3. Refinish Your Patio with Paint

Unpainted concrete surfaces tend to grow hotter than painted ones. Take advantage of this by painting your patio a colour that is less prone to heat up. 

When exposed to direct sunshine, darker colours tend to get hotter than lighter hues, so it’s best to choose a shade of white or off-white. You can use a rug on high-traffic areas or paint those areas light grey to minimise the appearance of dirt.

4. Choose Heat-Resistant Furniture

Teak and synthetic resin are the best heat-resistant materials for patio furnishings. While water can quickly chill the resin, teak does not hold heat than cast aluminium or wrought iron. Indulge in deep-cushioned chairs made of synthetic plastic, so they are resistant to sun and rain.

5. Use Air Coolers or Fans

With the help of a fan or an air cooler, you can create a breeze on your patio. If there isn’t a nearby outlet, use a long extension cord meant for the outdoors. Remember to protect the fan and your electricity source from the sun’s harsh rays.

6. Stay Cool with Water

When you’re hanging out on your patio, make sure you have a bottle of water with you, so you can quickly hydrate when you get thirsty and replenish body fluids when you get hot and sweaty. You can run back to your house when it gets unbearably hot to avoid heatstroke. You can also hose your patio down occasionally with water.

In addition, if you have a pool, try dipping your feet into the pool while lounging in your patio to lower your body temperature. If you don’t have a pool, try inflatable pools instead, so your patio can serve as a cool place for your kids to enjoy. 


Your patio has a lot of design and functionality potential you should not ignore. Don’t be discouraged by heat challenges since there are many ways you can cool it down and make the space user-friendly and comfortable. 

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