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The Perfect Cover: All the Basics about Awning and Canopy

Aside from our indoors, our outdoor exteriors also deserve a certain level of attention to ensure that they will maintain the overall aesthetics of our home. Out of all the sections that may improve our outdoor experience, one that will surely provide comfort to us and our household is the awning and canopy. Both are vital in their own way, and each of them has something to offer that the other can’t. 

You may just be thinking about adding them to your house right now, but if you only have a limited budget, you’re forced to pick only one. There would be no better option than to analyse them both for your final decision in such a case—but saying that is easier said than done.

If you want to know which of them will provide a better feature to your outdoor section, we have listed down helpful tips for you to consider. Take note of the following to help you come up with a well-informed decision:

What Is the Difference between an Awning and a Canopy?

They may look similar, but the way that they’re included or attached to our home’s structure says a lot about their main variation. Awnings are attached to our outdoor walls, either retractable or fixed, depending on your preference. Canopies, on the other hand, are not connected to our walls. This means that they already have their own posts to support them, even their fabric.

Awnings also have to rely on the available space provided by your walls, as that is only as far as they will go. If your wall stops at a specific width or angle, don’t expect your awning to go any further than that. A similar thing can be said about canopies, but their main advantage is that they would not rely on the size of your wall.

What Are the Things to Consider When Trying to Pick from One of Them?

There aren’t many things to consider when it comes to picking between an awning and a canopy. However, your choice will ultimately come down to personal preference. Whether you like it or not, they may affect how your outdoor exterior looks. Some of the factors that you have to keep in mind are:

  • The shade of your exteriors: They are usually utilised as a way to cool down a few of your exteriors. The level of shade that they provide outdoors will rely on the variant that you will choose.
  • Their retractability: Only awnings can be retracted, so choose if you want something that you can easily adjust when needed.
  • The size of your exteriors: While they both provide a good amount of shade towards your exteriors, it is still good to consider which one gives off the best cooling solution, especially if you are planning to hang out during the summer season.
  • Your allocated budget: The good news is that they are both affordable. This will all come down to whether or not you were able to find a trustworthy canopy or awning company near you that is willing to sell them at a fair price.


Awning and canopy are both good add-ons for your exteriors. They provide a certain level of comfortable shade to your outdoors, perfect for the sunny seasons on the horizon. While each of them has its features, it is undeniable that they also have their benefits, those of which may work in your favour. 

For this reason, it’s essential to analyse your options well to improve your outdoors and boost its ability to cool down a specific part of your patio—all without spending too much in the process. Choose wisely!

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