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Things to Consider for Your House’s Carport: A Guide

Your vehicle needs a good home in your residential area. That’s why you should look into the different carport design options available. It’s also a great way to shield your ride from the harsh elements instead of letting it stay on the street or in your driveway. But what are the different styles you can choose from to make this dedicated holding space your own? 

This article will discuss various carport design trends that you may find the ideal for you. Take this as an opportunity to ensure you make the right choice to accentuate your property by picking fine details, colours, and motifs. This way, you can have an enhanced, well-structured carport as an essential aspect of your exterior. 

What Roof Shapes Can I Choose for My Carport? 

Your carport’s roof is the most defining feature of your structure because it’s easily viewable and can affect its functionality. If you want to make the right decision, consider the following options while consulting with construction professionals: 

  • Gable: The gable features a pair of sloping sides, meeting at the top to form an apex. Its design is made to ensure there’s an orderly triangular shape to add visual symmetry. This roof style is commonly seen among more traditional houses. 
  • Flat or skillion: The flat carport roof style is a simple flat surface. Although it may sound too basic and unexciting, you can pull off modern, well-built carports when done correctly. 
  • Hip: The hip carport is like a gable with sloping sides, but it has four instead of two. It can also create an apex. 
  • Dutch gable: If you want to merge styles, like the hip roof and gable carports, you can go for the dutch style. It features two main sloping sides that meet on the top, with an extra section attached to the other two sides of the structure. It’s much like the four-sided pitched roof of a hip roof. 

Where Should I Place My Carport? 

When choosing where you want to place a carport, you either have to go for free-standing or attached. The former means the carport will be constructed away from your main structures, while the latter means you build your carport like an extension of your home. 

Most homeowners would often go for free-standing because they fear that new construction could mess up the entire structural integrity and take up more space. However, some would opt for the attached since they are concerned about car safety when parked far from their line of sight. It all boils down to your situation and how you want to use your carport. 

What Materials and Colours Can I Go for When Building My Carport? 

If you are looking for the most feasible option in the market, you may go for steel carport structures since they are easy to customise, fit, and cost-effective. They can last longer than other building materials and can withstand weather conditions, like harsh sunlight and rain. You can also go for tin, timber, and aluminium, but you should be careful since they may not be as durable as steel. Consult with construction experts for further recommendations. 


Having a carport built in your home can be a valuable investment, but you have to make informed infrastructural decisions to make it work. Fortunately, you now have some working knowledge about the design and style aspect. Consider all the formerly mentioned information and work with our team to help you with your vehicle’s dedicated holding area. 

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