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Home Design 101: 6 Ways a Pergola Can Add Value to Any Home

A house is where a homeowner can relax and unwind. Various home improvements can be installed to ensure maximum comfort, adding aesthetics and value to the home. One perfect example is the Pergola.

Pergolas are freestanding or attached to a house. They are commonly used as a garden feature and a more permanent alternative to a gazebo.

If you still have reservations about installing a pergola on your property, we listed down the reasons why you should go for it. Read on below to get started.

#1 – Protects Your Home from the Elements

Shade is often overlooked. The pergola is your best bet for providing shade to a large area. It can protect your home from cold winds, sun, and rain when properly designed. It also improves ventilation, which boosts the general air quality of your home.

#2 – Increases Your Home’s Resale Value

A pergola adds value to your home. It improves curb appeal and shows prospective buyers that you took care of your home. It is also a good investment because of its potential to add value to your property.

#3 – Gives You a Beautiful View

A pergola is an excellent solution for adding beauty to a place. This can be as simple as using a colourful flower or putting an elegant light fixture on top. This way, the pergola becomes a focal point of your home.

#4 – Gives an Extra Space

The pergola does not just provide beauty and a place to relax, and it also gives you extra space to accommodate another activity. You can use the pergola to hold barbeque parties, ceremonies and other gatherings. The pergola also provides a nice place to read a book or sunbathe.

#5 – Perfect Spot to Grow Fruits and Vegetables

If you plan on growing hanging plants, the pergola can become a miniature garden. You can plant almost any type of plant in it. You can put in orchids, herbs, fruits, or vegetables, which is a great way to grow your produce.


Overall, a pergola is an excellent investment for your home. It improves the appearance of your property, keeps the inside of your house cool and dry and adds value to it. You can customise it the way you want, and there are many options for you to choose from.

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