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Lawn Essentials: Why Should You Install a Backyard Pergola

Homeowners occasionally want to spice up their backyard, especially if they have the space to spare. Although there are some perks to having a wide and plain lawn, there are numerous benefits to maximising the spacious area you have. One beneficial addition you should consider for your yard is a pergola.

The investment of having a backyard pergola

A pergola extends your living room spaces to your backyard, allowing you to have much wider use of your empty spaces. As a functional asset, it gives you more freedom to restructure your floorplan’s layout, especially if you want to readjust your house for home extensions. On the other hand, it can also complement your home’s design, providing you with many practical and creative benefits.

In this article, we’ll share four benefits your property will receive by adding a backyard pergola.

1. Pergolas give your home a modern vibe

Unlike gazebos and patios, pergolas give a unique atmosphere as an outdoor structure. Since its primary function is to shelter other backyard centrepieces, it can take a step back and highlight your other outdoor installations. This makes it versatile in complementing modern furniture.

2. Pergolas complement other outdoor fixtures

Applying layers to your outdoor spaces is much harder since you don’t have the benefit of utilising walls and ceilings. For this reason, it’s generally an expensive task to develop an appealing lawn without spending too much on tall walls, trees, and other structures. A pergola can add a dynamic addition to your lawn that does more than provide shelter from the sun. You can connect it to verandas or highlight gardening plots by attaching a trellis. It’s a unique outdoor structure that can match the artificial and organic elements of your property.

3. Pergolas are perfect DIY projects

Contrary to popular belief, pergolas have numerous designs and configurations you can choose from. Although it’s common practice to add them to a deck, you can also install it as a freestanding structure. This is why it’s an excellent DIY project for homeowners who want to experiment with their home’s materials and palette options.

4. Pergolas are great for outdoor activities

Pergolas are great for enjoying the outdoor air without suffering the intense summer heat. Afternoon tea, barbeques, and just simply lounging about are excellent activities to do under a pergola. It can shelter your coffee tables and barbeque set from direct sunlight while giving you a sturdy structure for your outdoor get-togethers.

5. Pergolas are affordable investments

While bathroom and kitchen upgrades are more popular ways to increase a home’s value, an appealing lawn can also be a compelling selling point for home buyers. If you plan to sell your property in the future, a pergola is an affordable yet effective way to increase your home’s value. It’s a soft commitment that doesn’t require a huge monetary investment but can serve as a modular feature for your listing.


Although it’s important to prioritize your home’s interior furnishing, there are plenty of benefits to developing your outdoor spaces. With compatible building experts by your side, you can transform your lawn into a unique and appealing component of your property. This won’t just make your home more attractive but will also pay off in the future as a real estate investment.

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