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On Car Storage: Why You Should Install a Carport for Your Vehicle

Storage is key to having a happy home! Besides the colour scheme, lighting, furnishing, and aesthetic value of your house, you also need to keep storage in mind when designing the layout of your dream residence. 

Having enough storage makes all the difference—perhaps even much more than the most expensive furniture you can think of. When there’s adequate storage, you can have a well-functioning home free from disorganisation without having to add any square footage. With that said, you should have a place for everything inside and outside your home—and yes, that includes your car!

The Storage Solution for Your Vehicle

Your car is just as important as your home, especially since it’s most probably the most significant financial investment you have next to your residential property. Besides the regular maintenance and repair, you need to make sure that your car has a designated shelter.

Even your car needs to have storage too! If you don’t have a garage, you need to think of a way to ensure that your vehicle won’t fall victim to harmful environmental elements. Parking your car on the street without protection is just the same as asking for it to get damaged! 

To prevent such risks, why not have a carport installed by your home? There are many benefits to having a carport, such as:

1. Security

A car that’s out in the open will be an attractive and easy target for the ill-intentioned. Owning a carport ensures that your vehicle won’t be vandalised, attacked, or stolen. Whether you’re away from home or are lazing around at home, you can rest easy that your car won’t be left vulnerable to any danger.

2. Weather Protection

Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature! No matter how durable or heavy-duty your car may be, it won’t be able to withstand exposure to different weather conditions all the time. Constant exposure to the changes in weather will take a toll on the engine and other materials in your car. 

Installing a carport ensures that your vehicle always looks nice and performs at its best.

3. Multi-Purpose

The carport may have “car” in its name, but it’s not just limited to your vehicle! Besides car storage, a carport can also be used as extra space for whatever you may need it for. A good-sized carport is perfect to use as an outdoor porch, a place for your kids, or a shed area for you.

4. Storage For Other Vehicles

Who says carports are just for cars? If you already have a garage for your automobile, you can still have a carport installed for your other vehicles, such as boats, ATVs, or tractors, depending on your carport’s size. 

5. More Affordable

If a garage doesn’t quite fit your budget, then a carport is the answer! Installing a carport costs much less than a standard garage. Since carports are customisable, you can control the overall cost of building the carport depending on the type of materials you choose to use.


Storage is the most essential design element when it comes to planning out your dream house. As such, you need to ensure that there is a designated place for everything so that no clutter or storage issues disrupt the overall aesthetics of your residence. Don’t forget about your car! Make sure to have a carport installed by a fully licensed construction firm to keep it in its proper storage too.

Need some shade and storage for your car? Leave it to our team at Excelfit Pty Ltd to install a carport by your Caloundra home! We can custom design your carport to ensure that it has all the correct measurements for it to be the right fit for your home. Get your free consultation today!

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